One for the Architects: Christmas Gift Ideas

7 November 2023

Are you hard to buy for at Christmas?  Or want to treat yourself this year?

Here are a couple of our strongest recommendations:

For Architects: Buy Constructing Health, by Tye Farrow

How do buildings make us feel? How can they make us feel better? Through research at the emerging intersection of neuroscience and architecture, Constructing Health explores how our mind – and its various sensory systems – interacts with our built environment to enhance or harm our health and well-being.

Globally renowned architect Tye Farrow bridges the gap in knowledge between the therapeutic medical world and the design community to reveal how the intentional shaping of our environment can support our physical and neurological well-being. Constructing Health explores recent discoveries in cognitive psychology (the science of the mind) and neuroscience (the science of the brain) to determine how we can form health-giving person-to-place relationships that are similar to healthy and meaningful person-to-person relationships.

To buy click here.

Or, for your favourite developer: Tall Timber Mass Timber for High-Rise Buildings click here.

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