BRANZ report on barriers to growth of EWP in New Zealand [used to show no image posts]

3 June 2021

BRANZ survey into EWP use – If using more timber in buildings and creating larger timber buildings is a potential way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering more carbon, are there barriers to incorporating these innovative EWPs within buildings? Are there ways of increasing the uptake of timber-based building materials while still ensuring that all New Zealand Building Code requirements are met?

These questions formed the basis for conducting a BRANZ survey during 2019 to understand the appetite for EWPs in buildings and the perceptions that exist about them.

The online survey included 17 questions, and a total of 474 surveys were completed. A wide range of occupations were included so that multiple perspectives throughout the building industry could be gathered and understood. Information was also sought on perceived barriers to the use of EWPs and how the uptake of these materials could be increased.

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