Bits and Bobs – Ultra Thin Materials can Heat Homes

26 April 2023

When humans are cold, we put on a jacket—or bump up the thermostat. When we’re hot, we shed a layer—or bump up the air conditioner. But what if our buildings could do the same, on their own?

A team of researchers at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering have developed a building material that can change how much heat it absorbs and emits based on the temperature outside. 

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Back to the Future – timber style

Designed by a team of 5 architects at Vincent Callebaut Architectures using AI assistance, the five prototypes combine ergonomic architecture with a biomimetic design, renewable energy (solar, biohydrogen, green micro-algae), and a mix of bio-based materials (cross laminated timber and engineered bamboo) and recycled materials (recycled aluminium and fibreglass) to showcase a vision of the mobility of the future.

The five imaginative vehicles include the hydrofoil – a ferry boat; VTOL bus – a flying bus; shuttle – a public transport vehicle; bike – a light bicycle; and car – an autonomous vehicle for city driving.

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