Australia’s First Entirely Wooden Stadium: From Italy

31 January 2023

The sustainable impact of a “green” stadium – The story of Australia’s first wooden stadium explains perfectly why “sustainability” is not an empty word. The new stadium build will see a reduction of 130 tons of Co2, the equivalent of 268 barrels of oil, that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. In addition, the forest where the wood was harvested produces 30 million cubic meters of wood a year. This means that the 202 cubic meters used for the stadium grew back in 8 minutes.

The idea of a wooden stadium was born to create an infrastructure that would be perfectly integrated with the natural park in which it is located. It answers the ever-growing demand from Australia’s largest cities for sustainable infrastructure. So, the Eric Tweedale Stadium, erected in a park area near Sydney, was built using wood.

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