Australia: New Database for Mass Timber Exemplar Projects

26 April 2023

In Australia and around the world, timber is being used in an ever-widening range of building projects. From residential and commercial to educational, aged care and healthcare, the advantages of timber are being realised through both traditional and innovative construction systems. The new WoodSolutions Project Portal website has been developed to make it easier for users to develop, design and build in timber.

“Extensive experience consulting on the development of large-scale timber projects with the WoodSolutions Midrise Advisory team indicated the value of a resource providing reference to a broad range of international projects and the teams behind them,” said Eileen Newbury Head of WoodSolutions Program.

“The Project Portal presents exemplar timber-rich projects in an easily accessible and searchable form, allowing users to not only view projects similar to those they might be considering, but to also see the companies involved in their development, design, construction and supply of materials. Search timber buildings around the world by location or project type, filter by a range of variables and discover how you can add the benefits of timber construction systems to your next venture.

“Visitors to the site can not only view and review existing projects, but they can also submit their own projects, promoting their experience and expertise,” Ms Newbury said. Ms Newbury explained that the benefits driving the adoption of timber building systems range from increasing the green credentials of a project to enhancing the wellbeing of the occupants and even lowering the total cost and time to delivery.

The new WoodSolutions Project Portal complements the existing range of free online resources which include a species matching app, more than fifty Technical Design Guides, fire test reports, a free expert advice service, recordings of presentations and podcasts, case studies and more.

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