A Complex Timber Roof – Design and Fabrication

12 December 2022

(China) The N4-3 Restaurant at the Jiaozi Financial Street development is a boutique eatery featuring a complex timber gridshell. It complements the surrounding business district, and its open form creates a welcoming feel to the structure.

Engineering & Dfma – Design softwares such as Rhino, Grasshopper, and Speckle were used extensively in the modeling and planning of this roof, or the design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA). As a parametric object, each glulam member was created to evolve during the project phases, to match design changes. The entire model went through a reference, base, detail, and fabrication stage, reflecting the design process from initial to complex. To finalise the detailed design for the gridshell roof, as well as connections in the timber and steel frame, 400 fabrication drawings were produced for each element using a parametric model.

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