5 Solutions to Acoustics Issues for Mass Timber Buildings

26 July 2023

5 solutions to acoustic issues in mass timber buildings: Acoustic experts explain why noise is often a problem for mass timber projects—and how to address it.

Mass timber’s Achilles heel: acoustics – For all its advantages, mass timber also has a less-heralded quality: its acoustic challenges. Exposed wood ceilings and floors have led to issues with excessive noise. “Acoustics are somewhat of an Achilles heel for mass timber systems,” says Rose Mary Su, Principal Acoustician at Acentech, an acoustics, technology, and vibration consultant based in Cambridge, Mass. Arup’s Blount adds, “I don’t think mass timber necessarily leads to poor acoustics, but it is an inherent challenge.” 

To help overcome this obstacle, here are five sound-related problems with mass timber and their solutions

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